Tuesday, August 25, 2009

soo my birthday is coming up...and I hope everyone would wish me a Happy Birthday....anyway it falls on the 27,but unfortunately my family is invited to another dinner(Pakistani Food)...so my mom and dad decided to have a "Birthday Party"....not a lavish,big bash but a Food Glorious Food galore!!!!Below are the menu's(actually its just 2 dishes)

First is Grilled Black Pepper Lamb w Black Pepper Gravy...yummmm

The master behind this very tasty food is my Dad a.k.a Rev Clarence...marinate in only black pepper,salt and some wine,cooked 8 minutes each side till medium rare(estimate only)...the gravy is then prepared by using leftover marinate,olive oil fried garlic and extra salt and pepper....
My Verdict:Medium rare is perfect cuz if u 'well-done' the lamb it will be very tough,and it makes the meat juicier,added with the garlic in the gravy,nothing ever gets better than this

Next is the Hash Brown Patties(those who dont know,you can always gooogle it)...it a packet thing so I can't say much on how to make,but anyways....

Good ol' potato(I curi makan the top one:p)Baked till golden brown for 20++ minutes in pre heated oven(225C)
Verdict:Crisp and perfect...

Overall,its a wonderful dinner and as usual I have 3 very big,meaty chunks of lamb,with a little bit o Wynham Estate(it's red wine,cool leh...)Thanks Mom & Dad!!!

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  1. food food food...chill...haha....^^
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    happy birthday eve...haha...God blesss