Saturday, August 8, 2009

Interesting....once upon a time my thought of blog is ummmm....lets just say I'm not a "fan"...Not until some stupid teachers request to do a fake one that I start to have.."curiousity"..and hence this blog...
It features my 'Nature City' Sandakan.Where the food is excuisite and the people...friendly.
and if your wondering "What Is 20hz"...well,its my bass Fender Squire P-Bass!!

My life revolve around I made up my mind to post as many 'DeliExtra' food in Sandakan as possible
Its just a for fun blog...writing stuff about meself...and whatever that comes in my way(food especially)so unless you..YES YOU want to bring me out to dinner(your buying,I dont care)please post nice comments...

My first wave of food pictures is coming up in the next sniff around would you??


  1. dear isaiah_fu a.k.a afroboy,
    Nice blog my friend.I got an idea for you,why dont you post about the food at our school cafeteria.Eithermore,thats your daily 'food' right,so why dont you give it a 'POST'...hehe..well,il be sniffing around for your delicious 'post'..


  2. By the way,check out my blog... interesting,just giving out a try for this blog thingy...


  3. Nice menu Isaiah. And keep up with the blog...I love your writing. Now let's go see what Kevincent has to say. I'm sure his will be all about girls galore LOL. Right, Kevincent? right? right? right? Blogging is fun really. I started a whole lot but gave up soon after as I just have nothing worthwhile to share with the world...LOL.

  4. Happy Birthday Isaiah Fu. Consider this a pre-birthday wish.